ESS’ recent inclusion of the BricsCAD software in their strength is a step towards adding perfect features to its already excellent service as a leader in the industry.Bricsys is a global provider of the BricsCAD® brand of engineering design software and is a part of Hexagon AB.BricsCAD is the modern, familiar, and cost-effective CAD (Computer Aided Design) platform& It is the smart choice for engineers, architects, designers – virtually any professional who creates or uses CAD drawings. It is an all-in-one software solution for design and technical documentation in DWG-based design platform.

With the inclusion of BricsCAD, ESS gets the advantage of using Intelligent and efficient 2D CAD software to deliver with more precision and accuracate product.

BricsCAD is a user-friendly software with an interface that is intuitively tabbed, has a clean layout and toolbars that are fully customizable. The main tools are accessible and navigating through drawings is easy with the distinctive ribbon that the interface presents.

Some primary features of BricsCAD are –

  • 100% compatibility with AutoCAD (DWG) format
  • AutoCAD-like user interface
  • High-performance graphics engine
  • A great API that lets you run additional engineering applications
  • Excellent value for money

Advantages of BricsCAD that have taken ESS towards a new dimension

  • The drawing explorer allows object definitions’ every aspect to be viewed, as well as implemented across drawings that are opened. Positions can be controlled and drawings can be navigated to and viewed in favourite folders, and blocks can be inserted even if the source drawing is not open.
  • BricsCAD offers innovative AI/machine learning tools like BLOCKIFY, COPYGUIDED and PARAMETRIZE to speed up 2D/3D workflows.
  • BricsCAD is simple, compact and fast. It delivers an IT-friendly, compact deployment with the installer being less than 500MB in size and includes all product versions.
  • For bigger deployments, the fully silent installer comes with SCCM/Configuration Manager tools and installs BricsCAD in minutes.
  • BricsCAD supports multi-threaded, multi-processor operations to speed product performance.
  • The bit coded MTFLAGS system variable allows highly specific control over parallel tasking performance. With multi-threading, BricsCAD® can take real advantage of multi-core CPUs.
  • BricsCAD reads and writes 2018 .dwg with superb fidelity and is highly compatible with the industry-leading CAD program.
  • BricsCAD offers a full Visual LISP API in all editions – Lite, Pro, BIM, Mechanical & Ultimate.

Thus, with BricsCAD, ESS has been able to bring in improved and enhanced functionality, that has managed to supercharge the company’s productivity.

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