Structural steel detailing has long been accepted as an outsourced activity for most contractors as it saves crucial time and has proved to be a beneficial alternative to using in-house resources. However, it is very important to choose the right partner that delivers quality work, offers a competitive pricing and meets all criteria that the contractor puts forth. Hence, it is important to spend some time in assessing the vendors and keeping a few things in mind could definitely help.

Structural Steel Detailing remains a significant factor of any construction project. It takes considerable time to produce a detailed shop drawing with information about all the structural steel units, but there are specialists who offer exclusive services. Hence, fabrication companies have always outsourced the structural steel detailing of a project as it allows them to take on larger projects without increasing their workforce. It also gives them operational flexibility, and leaves the inhouse resources free to focus on core activities. Outsourcing also cut down overhead costs.

Let’s look at how outsourcing the steel detailing of a projects is beneficial for the construction company.

  • Steel detailer specialists know everything about steel and steel construction and the best steel manufacture companies in the market. This could be a great advantage for the construction company.
  • They know the cost of steel for different projects and can provide guidance on a fair-minded deal in the system.
  • Steel detailing services ensure that each piece is accurately sized and constructed so that the building is secure.
  • Steel detailing specialists have the knowledge about state guidelines and codes and make sure standards are adhered to, which make it easier for the construction company to focus on core activities with any hassles.
  • Outsourcing also cut down overhead costs.

With the world constantly moving ahead with futuristic plans, construction is an inevitable part of the process. In recent times, there has been a flush of engineering services companies that are efficient and worthy and it could indeed prove to be confusing to choose one. The offshore outsourcing business model has also gained prominence with India becoming a hub for offshore outsourcing steel detailing and estimating work in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) industry. Well established Indian vendors remain a favourite for the superior quality of work and competitive pricing.

Here’s a checklist for steel fabricators to refer to, while choosing a steel detailing partner.

  • Expertise
    While looking for a partner to outsource steel detailing, the first factor remains the vendor’s existing capabilities in terms of infrastructure, resources, hardware and software including licenses of tools like Tekla, Revit or whatever the company prefers. It is very important to ensure that the vendor uses the latest versions of licensed software to ensure legal compliance. This will enable the vendor to provide superior quality services while ensuring the ability to manage the scale and needs of the project.
  • Experience
    With an industry as vast as the engineering services sector, there are numerous well recognized vendors delivering steel detailing services. It would be safe to check the past experiences of the vendor in similar projects. This will ensure that the vendor will understand the project and will be able to deliver on time and as per expectations.
  • Feedback from past clients
    Another way to verify the credibility and service quality of a vendor is to take a feedback from clients they have worked with in the past. This will help to decide on finalizing the vendor for the required steel detailing requirement.
  • Adherence to standards
    Adherence to standards is non-negotiable and it is important that the vendor is well aware of the design standards the construction company follows. It is important to verify that the vendor is familiar with the country specific relevant standards. This will help to significantly reduce the change orders and ensure faster project deliveries.
  • Engagement models
    All vendors offer different engagement models according to the budget and requirements such as working on hourly, monthly, dedicated resource basis, etc. The model should be carefully chosen as per the need so as to get the most benefit.

Apart of these five major factors, choosing the right partner to outsource steel detailing also depends on other factors which cannot be ignored. Primarily to keep in mind are –

  • Vendor’s reliability
  • Transparency of communication
  • Receiving value for money
  • Timely delivery
  • Data security
  • Round the clock support
  • Easy scalability

A reliable vendor will keep the construction company informed at every stage, ensure teamwork within and priorities a professional working relationship. Projects may often meet challenges but a steel detailing company providing a range of service will be able to meet every challenge and find budget friendly solutions for them. So, whether it is a new business or a regular steel detailing project, the most important thing is always to choose the right vendor.

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