We take great pleasure in announcing the launch of our new logo – a sign of the constant growth and evolution of ESS as a brand.

The team at ESS believes in achieving goals and delivering smart solutions. The design and detailing team has the advantage of extensive industry experience, a passion for innovation and a common focus on delivering high-quality detailing services. ESS always builds using the latest and greatest technologies and skills.

Let’s move on to the story behind the old and the new logo.

Goodbye to our previous logo

As we completed project after project, overcoming challenges and delivering innovation, our professional profile has grown and evolved over the last couple of years making it crucial to adapt. We needed a new identity to encapsulate the progress, the larger portfolio, the lessons learnt and the successes earned. We created a unique logo, which is modern, dynamic, reflects all that we are and represents our vision for future growth.

Our old logo deserves a special mention for doing a great job and carrying us to where we are today. It will have a special place to rest in our hearts as we move on to the next phase of our mission, towards building a dynamic modern world.

Behind the ESS logo

With an eye for ‘perfection’ while being a part of the technology evolution, we are well represented by the new logo. A simple, clean abbreviation of our brand name emerging out of an orange ring. The ring is significantly open speaking of endless possibilities, progress and opportunities that lie ahead in a dynamic industry. The colour of the ring holds deep meaning for us. Orange is powerful. It cannot be ignored. Symbolic of enhanced creativity and vibrant energy, it is our inspiration to go beyond normal standards and raise the bar leveraging technology and delivering excellence, every time.

Our teamwork, professionalism and commitment to timely deliveries is represented by the sharp and clean lines of the abbreviated letters that show our focus as we work undistracted, towards a common goal.

We have a vision and it is visible right in our logo. CREATING VALUE. It is an important purpose of any project we take on. Our company values dictate that we look beyond just investment and profitability and build more value. As a brand, we aim to interpret architectural and structural engineering drawings to create worthy solutions, as we help build a future, frame by frame

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